7 Local Internet Marketing Mistakes

The 7 Local Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid & What You Must Do About Them..

Given my decade of experience of the online world I have made a ton of mistakes that have cost me time, energy and money.  Over the last few years Social Media has changed all of our lives and the drive in technology for mobile internet marketing will take this a whole stage further.  So where are we  now as a local business community, what are the key local internet marketing mistakes I have made and what are the biggest local business marketing errors I see everyday working with in the local business advertising market?

7 local internet marketing mistakes to avoid

Local internet marketing is all about using technology to get more customers and keeping them for longer, so that is how I would suggest you approach your local internet marketing challenge.  You do not need an expensive website, but you do need to be clever and committed.

The 7 Local Internet Marketing Mistakes

Mistake 1. Not taking the internet as a threat to your business!   If you have not embraced local internet marketing your competition will and is getting better at it as you read this.

What to do about it: take this seriously, really.  Modern marketing tactics from your competition will blow you away so get involved now.

Mistake 2: Not being unique enough: you must find and SELL your uniqueness because unless someone sees your EDGE, they will not buy from you.

What to do about it: go back to basics and find your own unique proposition then present it with local internet marketing.  Our USP is our price, experience and service.  We are cheaper than other SEO companies, and are already successful online in our right as well as providing better service than other companies. What is your USP, what is your EDGE?

Mistake 3: thinking your customers care about your business.  I see many websites and marketing that sell the company but not the BENEFITS.  People do NOT care about how long you have been in business etc, etc, they only care about what is in it for them and that they can trust you to deliver!

What to do about it:  have a look at your website and literature and see if you are selling your USP and the benefits the customer will gain from doing business with you.

Mistake 4: not actively building a database of customers.  as any business knows, the cost of acquiring a new customer is far greater than the cost to keep one and of course present customers are much more likely to buy from you.

What to do about it: local internet marketing is about gaining and keeping clients so use online forms to capture emails and phone numbers, make sure that you are doing the same in store.  Swap their email for a small discount and then send a monthly email to all on your list.

Mistake 5: not thinking of your website as part of your business.  I understand that many do not understand or claim to understand local internet marketing but your website is an integral part of your business and it needs focus and attention.  Your website is the window into your business online.

What to do about it: review your website today.  Ask yourself if it is a true reflection of your business, does it get across your USP to the customer. Thousands of people will see that website, all potential customers who are willing to spend somewhere…

Mistake 6: not taking the chance to ENGAGE with people.  If nothing else, local internet marketing is about engagement and communication, about selling through education and informing and if you are not doing it in your specialist area, someone else will…

What to do about it: in what ever way appeals to you, get involved with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  If you cannot be bothered to post then outsource it but there is a conversation happening online and will grow with or without you.

Mistake 7: thinking all this does not affect your business!  I meet many people who believe this does not warrant their attention or focus and they could NOT be further from the truth.

What to do about it: take this seriously.  90% of local people actively use local internet marketing to find a business so if you are not there, their money will go to those who are.  Get some information, ask some questions and get started.  You have been warned!

Local Internet Marketing

If you would like more information on how your business can use local internet marketing to create more leads and grow your customer base get in touch.  I have been working online since 1997 and know exactly how to get the internet working for you.

I look forward to helping you master local internet marketing in your business and get getting your business onto the front page of Google..

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